Actress Katherine Helmond has passed away at the age of 89.

Helmond played in a capacious list of roles from Theater, TV series, TV movies and Feature films including The Bob Newhart Show, SOAP, Overboard, Who’s the Boss?, and voiced the character Lizzie in all three CARS films for Disney.

Katherine Marie Helmond was born on July 5, 1929, in Galveston, Texas in a warm and nurturing Irish Catholic household. She attended Catholic school and appeared in numerous school plays and pageants and learned her trade, eventually making it to New York Theater. Comedy, smarts and sex appeal were her strengths.

Helmond received the Best Actress Emmy Award nominations for Soap four times and back-to-back nominations for Who’s the Boss? in 1988-89. Helmond also scored a Best Actress Golden Globe Award for Soap in 1981, another for Supporting Actress in Who’s the Boss? in 1989 and a second Golden Globes nomination for the latter in 1986.

Overboard 1987

Regarding the role of her nephew in “Soap,” Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal), was the first openly gay character in a prime-time sitcom.

“It was ahead of its time, with issues that had never been on TV before,” Ms. Helmond told the San Francisco Chronicle in 1990. “One of the biggest objections was having a homosexual as a major role and showing him in a good light, with a family that totally accepted him.”

The petite 5-foot-2″ Helmond also showed off her winning smile as she stepped up to receive a Tony nom in 1973 for best featured actress in a play for her work in Eugene O’Neill’s The Great God Brown. Helmond often said that the theater was her first love.

Helmond was surrounded by family when she passed away on February 23, 2019 at her home in Los Angeles.


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