The couple everyone is obsessed with JUST GOT ENGAGED!!! It’s all true! Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande are engaged after only a few weeks of dating!

Here’s the timeline of this lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey couple:

May 10th
Ariana Grande and Mac Miller break up!

May 30th
Pete Davidson posts this famous Instagram photo of him and Ariana together confirming rumors that they are a couple!







June 2nd
Pete Davidson gets a tattoo of Ariana Grande. Who wouldn’t?

Photo by @LondonReese on Instagram

The couple has been seen holding each other close at parties, specifically Kanye West’s listening party. Friends close to the couple are saying they are making each other laugh constantly and that the couple has met with each other’s Mom! They’ve also been spotted at Disneyland together post the engagement!


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