Vince Vaughn was arrested by the Manhattan Beach Police Department in California early Sunday morning on suspicion of driving while under the influence and resisting arrest, according to police.

The Manhattan Beach Police department reported that Mr. Vaughn was arrested in Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County around 12:30 am (PST) after being stopped at a sobriety checkpoint.

At 9:30 am (PST), the police department stated that at the checkpoint, there was another man in the vehicle with Mr. Vaughn. Both men refused to cooperate, initially, and refused to get out of the vehicle.

Once the men exited the vehicle, Mr. Vaughn was arrested around 1 am and booked and cited for misdemeanor DUI, as well as obstructing an officer. The passenger was booked for obstruction and public intoxication.

Both men have posted bail and have been released.

Back in 2001, Vaughn also had a run-in with police where he was arrested after a bar brawl in Wilmington, N.C. Notably, actor Steve Buscemi was also stabbed in that incident. Yikes.


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