Anthony Bourdain, not known to have a bubbling personality or a zest for the spotlight, was found dead in a Strasbourg, France hotel room from an apparent suicide. He was 61.

Anthony, again, not “Mr. Sunshine,” had a childlike pessimism in tandem with an extraordinary passion and excitement for culinary delights, culinary science and culinary culture. When watching Anthony’s “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” on CNN, you would hear his narrative monotone voice, rich in baritone, with a distinctive “I partied too much last night” rasp.

In each show and in each season, you would hear the 5-time Emmy Winner’s political roll of the eyes, his left leaning stance, and his cynical view of the world. However, as a viewer, you found yourself getting super excited when Anthony would find joy in simple foods and simple pleasures. He never turned down a drink (which I can appreciate) and he never turned down a food (which I’m impressed by). You loved the show when Anthony would put on a smile and genuinely appreciate the food or experience. He always took you on this re-run adventure from darkness to light in each episode.

His palette was not a freak show palette or a sensationalized one like other shows exploited (i.e. Bizarre Foods). Anthony Boudain was an executive chef and is noted by an extraordinary amount of sources as,

“one of the most influential chefs in the world.”

So, yes, drugs were apart of his past and depression & anxiety played a great role in his recent life. Many of us suffer from these bouts in life. It got the best of Tony and we hold him in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. We appreciated Tony and we’ll miss him.

Anthony leaves behind a daughter, two ex-wives, his girlfriend Asia Argento and a world that loved to see him smile.


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