Johnny Depp is one of my all-time favorite actors and it’s a bummer to hear he’s experiencing some major financial woes.

It seems that Mr. Depp has earned more than $650 million in at least the last 13 years! This is according to TMG (The Management Group) which manage Mr. Depp’s financials. Further TMG’s Joel Mandel is saying that Mr. Depp does not have enough liquid cash to pay for his $2 million in bills per month.

So here’s the breakdown of Johnny Depp’s debt:

  1. $4.2 Million Annually ($350k/mo) for maintaining his rad 156-foot yacht.
  2. $3.6 Million Annually ($300k/mo) for his 40-person staff.
  3. $30,000/mo for wine (can’t blame him)
  4. One time $5 Million bill for shooting the ashes of his friend Hunter S. Thompson out of a cannon.

At the end of all this, Johnny Depp has filed a $25 million lawsuit against TMG. Depp is claiming he was left in the dark regarding his finances. He’s currently $40 MM in debt.

Mr. Depp is an incredible talent who will only continue to produce memorable roles. If he can iron out a few large multi-million dollar expenses, I’m sure he’ll be setting sail back to a more stable lavish lifestyle we all still dream about!


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